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Cora. 17. Massachusetts. Small. Chinese. Also a [cis] girl.

I like funny. And bands sometimes.



my friend has black hair and the initials PM while her boyfriend has blonde hair and the initials AM and she told me that they joke that theyre ‘asdifferent as night and day’ and i fell on the floor that shit was so adorable

im going to make this gain notes and show it to my friend 

Eyes bright, uptight, just girls


Me: *before I take my first bite*

Mom: is it good?


People Art Gallery

Exciting Photo Illusions


Virginia Broersma

Facebook, Saatchi Art

is an American painter. She studied Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah.

Virginia Broersma’s work explores the concept of allure in terms of the human form. Built of rough and loose marks that congeal into something very precise, her paintings have an intensity that is formed not only from the image, but from the action of painting itself.  Though it deviates from the human form, her imagery is complicated by associations one may have with the body. She is interested in how even a distant representation of a person can be conflated with measurements of perfection, beauty and the ideal.



do you ever just want to go outside in the middle of the night and walk around and not actually do anything just observe and think and stuff

Sadly accurate. 

Wow yes


It’s a tense night in Ferguson, but luckily no outbreak of violence. 


The (long overdue) part 2 to my other post

Rethink, Science World is well-known in Canada for award-winning and eye catching advertisements to educate the public.


Saw this in a really sketchy area. I like it


Saw this in a really sketchy area. I like it